Your body does not have to be your enemy

by Anne-Sophie

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Living with a body that you cannot tolerate is miserable. I know what I am talking about. For most of my life, I went through my days hating my body. I constantly thought about its weaknesses, dwelling on the fact that I wanted to look like this girl in school or that girl in dancing class.

I wanted to be taller, leaner, have a smaller nose, not so broad cheeks, have longer fingers and thicker hair.

But what bothered me the most were my butt and my upper arms. My brother picked up on this achille’s heel of mine and constantly mobbed me because of my fat ass (sorry for the language, but these were the words he used).

My resentment for my body grew stronger and stronger the older I got and the deeper I entangled myself in the vicious circle of my eating disorder. My body was a prison and I wanted to destroy it for giving my brother a reason to hate on me so very much.

Over time, I completely disconnected from my body and I had no idea whether I was too big, too skinny or both at the same time.
I stood in front of the mirror way too ofen checking my ribcage, the gap between my legs and the veins on my arms. I took picture after pictures, day after day, terrified of noticing changes. When I did, my terror reached endless hights, I restriced more and increased my workout regimen.

Before I went down the deep end though, I was able to slam on the breaks and admit myself to a treatment facility. That was a bit less than a year ago and in those months, my body image went from horrible to even worse to better and now great.

During my inital weight gain, I abhord my body. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that I had to put on weight if I wanted to live a healthy life. The comparisons with those who were lucky enough to be able to eat anything they want and have the perfect figure (does that even exist?) grew dramatically. I was jealous, so jealous. I did not want to get used to a different body. I wanted a new body, a great body.

I was caught in this mind trap for months. One day though, I realized that not letting go of the comparisons and the unrealizable dreams was exactly what was holding me captive. I was the one who stood in my own way of being free and in love with myself. Nobody else but me.

I was desperate for a paradigm shift and I knew I was the one that would have to do the work. From that moment on, I completely changed the way I looked at my body. I treated it better and I started to work with it instead of against it.

By changing my thoughts, I was able to see the beauty of different body types and the miracle that my body is. I began to stop looking at others and focused more on myself. I began to walk taller and my self-confidence went through the roof.

I came to the obvious conclusion that I will live with my body for the rest of my life and it would be so much more fun to do this by loving it instead of hating it. I am a happier person than ever before and the days when I cannot stand what I am looking at have been reduced to a bare minimum. My mind is clearer, my instincts sharper and my relationship with myself and my husband has never been deeper.

I am ecstatic about the change that has taken place in less than one year and I have grown beyond passionate about the subject of challenging yourself and your beliefs. I want you, my loving readers, to be able to experience the same, which is why I have created The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image for you!

Living with a body that you hate or don’t like is oppressive and sad. How often has your body ruined your mood, your day or even a relationship? How often has your body had power over you instead of it being the other way around? How often do you wish you looked different? How often have you thought about the fact that if only your body were a different one, your life would be just perfect and everything would magically fall into place?

If you can relate to any of these questions, whether you have an eating disorder or not, you should give your body a second chance and work towards a loving relationship with yourself.

Your life won’t automatically turn around by losing even more weight or gaining a few pounds. You won’t love yourself more because you change your appearance. You also won’t gain more self-confidence because you alter your body. Your career won’t take off because you wear a different size of jeans.

However, all these things can happen if you work on your thoughts and on your mindset. You can transform yourself without changing your body. (Note: if you are underweight, then you first have to reach a healthy weight in order to completely transform your life. However, this guide will still be very helpful during the months of gaining and living in a new body).

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image offers you exercises, videos, motivation and many helpful tips and tricks in order to drastically revolutionize the way you see yourself.

Even if you feel OK in your body now, there is a whole new world of possibility when you are completely and utterly in love with your body. Nothing in the world is more important than being in harmony with yourself and this guide will take you by the hand and help you take your life and your thoughts in your own hands.

I cannot begin to tell you have colorful and amazing my days are now, whereas they were all a shade of grey in the past 14 years. I cannot express how grateful I am every morning for being able to get up without giving my scale a thought and I have no words for the freedom I experience since I decided to deeply fall in love with my body.

All areas of my life have benefitted from shifting my focus. I want you to be able to say that too!

As a special gift to you, I will give away 5 copies of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image.

Simply share with us your recipe for falling in love with your body and you have a chance to win the life-changing guide.

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Millie February 9, 2012 at 11:28 pm

I have struggled with Anorexia for 13 years now and have finally committed myself totally to recovery. I have done the previously unthinkable and resigned from my job, so that I have no excuses not to beat my demons once and for all. Each day is a battle but I refuse to give in – I refuse to let go of the belief that I can achieve a full, vibrant, wonderful life and whats more I DESERVE IT! I too struggle intensely with the comparison games and am trying to tackle them head on at the moment as I know that is the only way I will ever gain complete freedom.

The recipe i’m following at the moment to aid me in learning to love my body again is as follows –

let go
keep in the moment
appreciate my incredible body and all that it does for me
stop caring what anyone else thinks and live my life for me!!

I would dearly love to win a copy of your wonderful new guide Sophie I think it is just what I need at this point on my recovery journey. Thank you for all your inspiring posts – I love seeing you pop up in my inbox!


Anne-Sophie February 10, 2012 at 4:58 am

Dear Millie,
thank you for your brave comment and for opening up about your eating disorder.
I am very impressed by the steps you have taken! Resigning form a job is not an easy decision, but I am so proud of you for having done so in order to commit to recovery!
Yes, recovery is a battle, especially at the beginning, but you get stronger every single day and you will definitely be able to achieve an amazing and free life. Yes, you absolutely DO DESERVE it. I am so glad that you can already tell yourself these things!
I love the steps you suggested in order to start loving your body! I hope you can keep them in mind as you move forward.
Since you have already taken so many courageous steps, I will gladly send you a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image in order to help you radically change your life. I’ll email it to you right away.
Stay strong!


Be Inspired! February 11, 2012 at 1:17 pm

I have now eaten intuitively for three weeks! No holding back, just saying firmly good-bye to AN forever, and nourishing my body. I am proud of myself. I have gained some needed weight, and am working on falling in love with my changing body. I’d love to win a free copy. So proud of you Anne-Sophie for having written it:) I am so sure that you’ll become a very appreciated coach. You have all it takes!

Falling in love with my body… I put on some music and dance in front of the mirror, telling myself how much healthier I now look. I gently repeat it. I look at the body parts I used to put down, arms, belly, chin… and actively talk myself into loving them, as I gaze at them.
If I catch myself in negative self talk, I try to stop it immediately. Or maybe share “the internal insults” with my husband, who then helps me to see the distorted thoughts even more clearly.
I wear my tight jeans that I couldn’t wear when I was so skinny that they hurt on me! Now I can wear many things that were not possible – tights, bras, corsets… a great thing for a fashionista!

Yesterday a group of friends and I went out to eat and I had a hamburger with some fries. I hadn’t had that in years… well actually maybe never at a restaurant! This is recovery. Slowly falling in love. I am now stubborn and will make it all the way this time!
Be Inspired! recently posted..Icy Chic BitesMy Profile


Anne-Sophie February 12, 2012 at 9:35 am

Sweet Susa,
I am so glad to read how much progress you are making. I am so very proud of you, my friend. I am especially impressed by you eating a hamburger! Wow! This is a huge step forward. Keep moving in the right direction and you will be healthy sooner than you think!
I love the positivity you express about being able to wear different clothes that you haven’t been able to wear until this point. I feel the same way about bras (I never owned one until a few months ago). It is great to have curves and I feel a lot sexier now.
Great suggestions on how to fall in love with your body! The attitude and the redirection of thoughts are so important!
Your copy of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image will be in your inbox in the next few minutes! :)
Anne-Sophie recently posted..Your body does not have to be your enemyMy Profile


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