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As you can see, I have experienced quite some setbacks in the last few days, losing 6 pounds within 3 days, then gaining gaining a bit back and losing a lot again. 

Some if it had to do with my cold and the fever, but mostly I just was not able to eat the portions I was supposed to eat. 

However, the good thing is that I have been able to maintain the regularity of eating . eating 3 bigger meals a day and 3 (or more) snacks. I am so proud of myself for keeping this up for more than 6 weeks now, as I have never ever ever ever eaten so regularly in my entire life!!!

I still have major problems with eating warm meals at night, so we made a compromise allowing me to keep my routine of eating a cold meal, mostly consisting of bread or a Pretzel with butter, cheese, honey and sometimes soup (which is the only warm thing I can eat at night without feeling so guilty that I can hardly stand it). I have grown up with this routine of eating what Americans would call “dinner” at lunchtime because of my parents’ work schedule (my mom not working too far from home and my dad actually working in our house and both having their lunch breaks when we got home from school). 
This is one factor of why I have such a hard time of eating a “big meal” at night. 
The other one is that for five or more years, I did not allow myself to eat after 2pm, and when I had afternoon classes, I had the rule of only eating breakfast. 
We are working hard on this. Breakfast is no huge problem anymore, despite the fact that for many years I did not eat breakfast, and lunch is okay too. 

All in all, I am doing better than a few days ago, but I still had to stay at the sanatorium and was not allowed to go home for the weekend because I am too fragile. 

My hubby will be hear to have breakfast with me and then we are going to spend a few hours in the sun and think about naming my podcast etc., as I am sooooooo behind already on the A to Z class. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

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FredFromLongIsland May 7, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Whatever eating routine you settle on with your counselors, it's great to see that you are bouncing back and making progress. Over time you will develop healthy habits. :-)


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