The Sound of Silence

by Anne-Sophie

in Inspiration

Silence. There are two sides to this loaded word.

Of course, there are times when silence is extremely beneficial and opens your mind to new ways of thinking and your eyes to new discovering to make. I am in love with my daily 10-minutes of meditation. It feels like the world is at my feet and I the day so full of opportunities that I often wish it had more than 24 hours.

However, then there is the destructive, sometimes deadly side of silence. When you have an eating disorder or any other mental illness, you feel a deep sense of shame and often hide your problems, struggles and heartaches for way too long.

You often pretend that everything is fine and it looks worse than it is, but deep inside you’re dying.

It’s important to speak up, to confide in someone, anyone you feel close to. There is nothing shameful about having an illness. There is nothing weak about seeking help. In fact, it’s a great sign of strength and a step in the right direction when you can be honest with yourself and others.

Breaking the silence is essential for recovery and to heal inside. The feeling of relief and freedom that washes over you when you’ve finally spoken the words out loud is like a refreshing glass of ice-cold water after having been deprived of liquid for days.

That’s why I am such a proponent of therapy or other support systems. You have to have an outlet. You have to speak the words.

Silence in matters of threat, illness or any other problems is destructive and often the one thing that stands in the way of finding a solution.

What have you been silent about? What were the consequences because of it?

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Ella May 20, 2012 at 6:16 pm

I don´t really like silence at all, because then I start to “think” and get depressed… (mood)


Anne-Sophie May 20, 2012 at 7:29 pm

I understand completely. That’s how I felt at the beginning of recovery too. I was constantly listening to podcasts, audio books or watching TV. Over time though, when your ED voice starts to get quieter it’ll become much easier, Ella. :)
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