This will be a more personal podcast episode. So, if you don’t want to hear more about my year, please come back on Monday, when I will release a regular episode of Fighting Anorexia.

In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about my year 2011.

I talk about my time at the treatment facility and how that has radically changed my life and the way I look at my disease.I share details of my trips to 5 continents, what I have learned during those trips, what I have struggled with on those trips and what I would do better the next time.

I then go on to share more about how I was able to continue my fight against anorexia nervosa at home and how my life has changed since then.

2011 was a year of growing up and growing strong. It was the year of surviving and figuring out what I want to do with my life. It was the year of discovering my passion.

2011 was the year I got to know YOU.

I would like to thank each and every single one of you for making this year so special. I love you guys.

I then continue to give you a short outlook on what to expect from me in 2012.

And SO much more!


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Can't get enough? Here's more:


1.   Admit to yourself that you are not OK and that you need help.

2.   Talk to someone close to you.

3.   Schedule an appointment with your physician

4.   Ask your doctor about treatment facilities and/or counselor.

5.   Schedule an appointment with a counselor.

6.   Don’t cancel the appointment.

7.   Listen to the advice of your counselor and then decide whether you should go to a treatment facility or whether you will do an ambulant therapy.

8.   If you decided that staying at a treatment facility is best for you, do a bit more research, either with the help of your counselor or alone.

9.   Make an appointment with the clinic that you like best.

10. Go to the scheduled appointment.

11. Start your treatment as soon as possible.

12. Buy a journal and continuously write down your thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, worries etc.

13. Think about the reasons why you want to recover from your eating disorder. Write them down.

14. Imagine your life without your eating disorder. Write your thoughts down.

15. When you feel like it, cry, scream, beat a pillow. Let it all out!

16. Believe others when they tell you that it will get better.

17. Create a list of the dreams you can achieve without being sick. Write them down.

18. Persevere!

19. Be honest to yourself!

20. Write down all the negative aspects of living with an eating disorder.

21. Connect with others who have already beat anorexia.

22. Re-evaluate your motives.

23. Are you still being honest to yourself and to your therapist?

24. Throw yourself a pity party, then MOVE ON.

25. Work even harder on yourself.

26. Learn to believe in yourself.

27. Praise yourself when you have reached a goal.

28. Read books that have a hopeful message.

29. Remember you are so much more than your eating disorder.

30. Cut yourself some slack.

31. Learn to trust yourself.

32. Get up after you have slipped and fallen. You don’t have to be perfect. Setbacks happen to all of us!

33. Don’t skip your therapy sessions!

34. Challenge yourself.

35. Remind yourself how far you have come!

36. Always be kind to yourself!

37. Embrace the newfound freedom!

38. Celebrate yourself!


This list is far from compete. Do you have more suggestions? 
Share them with us! Please do, they will help many who are suffering.  


Can't get enough? Here's more: