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On Sunday, we got up rather early in order to drive to my home village. As you can see in the pictures below, I had to wear my glasses during the last few days because I lost my contacts. Since contacts are much more affordable in Germany, we had ordered some and had them sent to my parents. So, we decided to take a trip and spent half of our Sunday in the car… (thanks again to my lovely husband who went with me without being grouchy). The fantastic thing is that even just sitting in the car for 5 hours on a BEAUTIFUL, sunny, hot Sunday is nothing but fun when Andreas and I are together. These little things show me over and over again how lucky we are.

We didn’t tell my parents that we were going to visit them, so they were quite surprised. Thankfully my brother wasn’t there, so we could really enjoy the short amount of time with them. 

When we came home, we were almost starving and prepared our thitherto most delicious meal:
Salmon steaks, mashed patotoes with truffle oil and sautéed mushrooms (I have never eaten them before, without being forced) and peppers in cream sauce. Everything was topped with fresh truffles
Ready to go!
 They better be good. 
The taste of this truffle was better than I could ever describe.
Hmmm, peppers and hmmm garlic.
Maître d’Anne
The truffle oil gave the mashed patotoes the perfect flavor.

Putting the finishing touches to it. 

The picture of the finished sauce just did not want to be uploaded tonight. So, stay tuned. 

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Michael June 7, 2011 at 2:18 am

Dear Anne,
After 30 years of marraige, there is still nothing in the world I enjoy more than spending a day with Mike, no matter what we are doing. Mike is a true gift from God to me, as I believe your dear Andreas was a gift to you. As time goes on lifes challenges will become easier and easier to face. You will become a stronger woman as you and Andreas grow in your love. The sure knowledge that you always have someone who loves you, supports you, and will stand up for you, will give you strength you never knew you had.
Thank you for your blog posts, it is so wonderful to relive the joy of early marraige through your posts, and to hear of your triumphs in your fight againt your anorexia.
Wishing you the best always,
Sue Gerszewski


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