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by Anne-Sophie

I am thrilled that you found this site and are willing to take the next steps towards a healthier you.

This site was originally created during the first months of my recovery from a 14-year long battle with anorexia. However, as time went by, I felt the need to help you, yes YOU, in creating a future that is free from eating disorders, self-doubt, hopelessness and agony.

The journey towards recovery from an eating disorder is bumpy, but so rewarding. Let us walk together and cheer for each other as we celebrate our victories and learn from our hiccups.

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Jo Kay: I think the way I feel helped by Anne-Sophie, is just seeing and hearing how courageous she is being…I find some people’s experiences make me feel cynical as they can make their process of recovery utterly remarkable and with no blips, which I don’t feel is realistic.  Anne-Sophie is real, honest, so open and I find it refreshing.  She is very relatable and it does help me to not feel so weird (lol) and alone.  She exudes compassion and warmth, and she speaks very well, which makes her podcasts easy to listen to.

Luise Karg McCaffrey “The “Fighting Anorexia website and podcast has given me a brand new perspective and insight into this epidemic. I am thankful for Anne’s courage and although she claims she is shy, she is a giant inside by fighting back. Her podcast is a mixture of professionalism, lots of research and her own real life experiences. Her sweet voice and determination is a life safer in so many prospects. Let me tell you… she is REAL. That’s why I keep logging in, and keep on listening. If you suffer from this horrific debilitating disease, please watch and participate by leaving a comment or feedback. You might just save a life by leaving a comment!”

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Andrea Arevalo April 17, 2012 at 10:57 am

hello! i love your website… i fought with anorexia for almost 12 years and now that I´ve recovered 10 years ago i´m still feeling down. Now i am overweight and no matter what i´m doing it seems that my body won´t let go that excess of weight… and i´m getting desperate… I don´t know what to do, i´ve been eating healthy and working out these 10 years but it seems like my body don´t wanna show it… i dont know what to do … if you could advice me i would thank so much!!


Anne-Sophie April 17, 2012 at 11:57 am

Hi Andrea,

thank you for your comment. Congrats on being recovered for 10 years. That’s awesome. It seems like your body is healthy and happy where it is and doesn’t want to make any changes. Our bodies know best what is the best for us, so I would just try to accept the fact that your body is healthy. That’s the best way to live. Our bodies are there to keep us alive and when we treat them with care and love, we’ll make our lives a lot easier.


kylie May 2, 2012 at 3:31 am

have been listening to all your podcasts and so identify with your struugles. its so great you are willing to share to help others


Anne-Sophie May 2, 2012 at 8:08 am

Hi Kylie, thank you for commenting and I am glad to hear the podcasts help (at least a bit).


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