Podcasting A to Z May Course

by Anne-Sophie

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I am so very thrilled to start the Podcasting A to Z Course held by Cliff Ravenscraft.
I was just participating in the Opening Session and I am beyond excited for what lies ahead.
This project is exactly what I need now. It will give me purpose, distraction and fulfillment.
I will be able to be creative again and FINALLY start working on my dream of making myself known in the online world, so that one day I can have a job in social media.
And the best thing is that I get to learn from the very best teacher when it comes to podcasting and social media. 
It won’t be easy juggling my therapies and this project, but I will make it work and I am certain that it will be nothing but a blast. Just thinking about what I will learn makes my head spin with excitement and anticipation. 

Let the Course start… 

If I had know in 2007 how far I would go with gspn.tv, I would have never believed it. 

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