Anorexia on the runways

by Anne-Sophie

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Not to beat a dead horse, BUT when I saw these pictures of recent fashion shows, my breath caught.

How in the world can this be allowed with the number of eating disorders increasing year after year?

Why does the fashion world not take responsibility and send healthy girls down the runway? I know that there is an incredible amount of money at stake and that the designers couldn’t care less about what they are doing to young girls, but there has to be a way of raising awareness. And I think that this is the point. WE, that is moms, sisters, brothers, dads, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, boyfriends etc., have to stand up and tell young boys and girls that the pictures they saw on TV of models who are mere skeletons are NOT healthy. We have to speak up and tell them that looking like this is not worth striving for, that this is a certain way into a life of hunger, eating attacks, guilt, lies and so much worse.

And those of us who are already caught up in this vicious circle have to remember that this is not the real life and that we need our strength and our body to achieve great things and to fulfill what we are here for: to LIVE.

I wish you all a fabulous week and I hope you remember my words.

Keep Fighting!

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