My Recovery Mascot

by Anne-Sophie

in Inspiration

* I love the idea of creating your own recovery mascot. I thought long about what would represent my way to health for me. Would it be human or an animal? Real or fictional? What would it stand for exactly?

Then one thought popped into my head: our inner child.

I have come to understand that recovery is all about developing a deep love for yourself. You can’t ever fully recover if you don’t accept yourself for who you are with all your characteristics, flaws and strengths.

When you come from a place of hatred for yourself and your body, it’s not an easy way to get to a point of love. However, envisioning yourself as an innocent child who needs your love and affection helps tremendously.

Would you deliberately hurt a child?

Would you starve a child?

Would you hate a child?

Would you belittle a child because of his or her natural body shape?

Would you label a child as good or bad because of what he or she eats?

Would you tell a child that he or she is worthless?

Would you judge a child as critically as you do yourself?

I know all of you are incredibly kind people, so no, you obviously wouldn’t do any of that.

Why are you doing it to yourself then?

Think of your inner child and treat yourself the way you would treat that small, vulnerable and love-seeking person inside. You deserve it! You owe it to yourself and the baby you once were. It’s important to nurture yourself. Start small with little signs of appreciation and then grow these little steps into big. life-affirming ones.

*I am participating in the first ever Hungry For Change Blogger Challenge. Throughout the entire month of May, I’ll write one post a day all about the topic of eating disorders.

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