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Today, I received a package from the US that brightened my day.
My very good friends Stephanie and Cliff from sent me a signed copy of Candace Cameron Bure’s book “Reshaping It All”. Cliff and Stephanie recently did an interview with the author for Family From the Heart, one of their many podcasts. Candace shared how she struggled with food and how she gained a healthy perspective, ultimately overcoming her disorder.
I knew that they would send me this book, because they mentioned it during the interview, but I still teared up – what else, right? 😉 – when I opened the package. Having friends who care so deeply about me, is still unfathomable to me and it gives me more strenght and solace than I can express.
Cliff and Stephanie are not the only ones who pray for me, think of me, send me short notes and emails. Every single one of those messages reminds me of how blessed I am and they give me the energy to continue the path to health.
This army of friends and family cheering for me serves as a means of holding me accountable, of not letting me give up even when I feel like I am too scared or too exhausted to take the next step.
And that is truly invaluable.
I cannot wait to dive into this book. 
 THANK YOU, Stephanie and Cliff!
Here is a link to the interview:

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