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I just listened to last week`s episode of Balanced Living Weekly (http://gspn.tv/057-balanced-living-weekly-cruising-chickens-parsnips-and-much-more/). Cliff Ravenscraft shares in this podcast episode some memories of his recent cruise, his weight gain and how he enjoyed every minute of it, not once feeling guilty about eating too much.
This reminded me of how I took our bathroom scale with me on vacation when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Now, who does that at this age? Isn’t that just crazy? I remember what a nightmare this vaccation was for the whole family. I wasn’t just ruining our trip to the South of France for myself, I was making it almost impossible for my parents or my sister to have an enjoyable, relaxing time.
I was so concerned about my weight that a regular meal was impossible and dining out was a nightmare. I remember the fights I fought with myself, the yearning for a cup of ice-cream when everybody else was enjoying one, the wish to just eat what everbody else was eating. But I couldn`t. I just could not lose control.
So, even at the age of about 10, this issue did not leave my mind for a single minute.
I am so very glad that Cliff did what he deserves to do: he took a break from his everyday life and just took it easy. After all, this is what vacation is for. This is the whole reason for going away. And once you come back home, you are refreshed and fully energized, ready to have a bit more control and discipline about every asepct of your life again.
Who cares about a few more pounds if you spent a wonderful time with your family or friends? (In fact, writing this makes me feel so stupid because it IS so very trivial..) People and realtionships are what counts in life, not your weight. I regret how many valuable hours, days and weeks I have lost because of the preoccupation with food and I pray that I will be able to make up for all of it once I am healthy.

I hope that very soon I will be able to adopt Cliff`s mindset, because he figured out what really matters in life.  
P.S. I have been a gspn.tv Plus Member since 2008 (or was 2007?) and I have enjoyed every minute of their fantastic podcasts. If you haven`t done so yet (which I doubt), you should check them out:


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Cliff March 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Wow! Anne, it is quite humbling to know that God is using me in such a way to be a source of inspiration for you. Please know that your name is on my prayer list that I review each morning when I spend my time alone with God.

I know that you have the support, love, and prayers of so many people. Thank you for continuing to allow us to be on this journey with you. Please let me know if there is anything more I or anyone else in the community can do to encourage you or help in any other way!


Anne-Sophie (aka. anneso87) March 9, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Cliff, you are already doing MORE than enough. Thank you so much.


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