Learn How To Recover

Free Yourself From Your Eating Disorder

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you have enough of the misery of living with an eating disorder?

Do you feel like you’re about to lose your mind if you don’t find a way to breathe again?

Are you yearning for recovery but simple have no idea where to start?

Do you loathe yourself and your body and need some instant inspiration in order to take on the fight for a better body image and life?

Learn How To Recovery Can Help You to Make the First Steps towards a healthier and happier life!

What Is Learn How To Recover?

Learn How To Recover is a 4-part video series created to give you the perfect start on your quest for recovery and health. The videos with a combined length of almost 160 minutes will give you not only a solid foundation, on which you can build your recovery, but they will also inspire you, motivate you and provide you with the much needed hope in those first vulnerable weeks and months of building an entirely new life.

The Video Series is 100% free and serves as a great resource that will help in many dark hours of recovery and can spark a new start, a new perspective and a new purpose for why recovery is worth it.

Who Is Learn How To Recover for?

Learn How To Recover is for anyone just starting to think about letting go of their eating disorder, as well as for the more advanced recoverers who are in dire need of an extra boost of motivation and information on who to get off a plateau and move forward on their journey towards a healthy, happy and free life.

What Can You Expect from Learn How To Recover?

Learn How To Recovery will provide help, hope and examples of actionable steps eating disorder sufferers can take in order to make more successful steps towards discovering who they are, what they want and why life is worth fighting for!

1. The WHY of Recovery
2. The Fear of Letting Go
3. Your Support System
4. Education and Inspiration
5. Inspiration: The Benefits of Life Without Anorexia

6. Ed’s Lies
7. Ed’s Voice, Society’s Voice and Your Voice
8. Talking Back and Being More Critical Of The Voice Inside
9. Taking Action Against The Voice
10. Inspiration: The Turning Point

11. What Does a Balanced Diet Look Like?
12. How to Deal With the Stress of Eating
13. How To Cope with The Weight Gain
14. The Fears of having a Healthy Weight
15. Inspiration: Consequences of Starving Yourself and How it Changes!

16. Body Image and Self-Love
17. Ed and Relationships
18. Clothes
19. Triggers
20. Inspiration: Your Life Starts Now!

Learn How To Recover – Part 1 – Building Your Foundation

Learn How To Recover – Part 2 – Taking Up The Fight

Learn How To Recover – Part 3- The Inevitable – Eating and Gaining Weight

Learn How To Recover – Part 4 – Working On Body and Mind

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