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My doctor’s secretary left me a voicemail this afternoon while I was in class. 
The news I got weren’t what I was hoping for. It will take AT LEAST 4 weeks until I will be able to start my therapy. I was praying that I would not take that long. 
I really don’t know how to go on for 4 more weeks; I doubt I can, not like that.
Well, I talked to the secretary of a different clinic and it looks like they could admit me next week, if everything goes smoothly. I haven’t visited the clinic, but it is supposed to be a great one too. They treat not only eating disorders, but also other forms of mental sicknesses. So, they could even help me with the anxiety issues and so much more.
And they have a day hospital that would be a perfect bridge leading me back to reality after the critical part of the therapy.
Sounds great, right? Well, the thing is that this is a private clinic and I have no idea yet if our health insurance covers the costs of the program. This could turn out to be a huge problem. I hope to get all the information I need before the weekend.
I have been trying to contact one of the doctors in order to make an appointment for a physical examination, but I was always put on hold. Since I don’t have any classes tomorrow and only have to study, study, study, I can try to call him nonstop. ­čśë
The thing is that if I was admitted to that clinic next week, I could have done major steps already by the time that the Universit├Ątsklinik could offer me a place to stay. 
The downside is that I have enrolled myself in fascinating projects in the next weeks and I would miss all of those, whereas my schedule would be a bit less interesting in the months of late April and May. 
But these are only secondary factors. 
Alright, I have rambled on for way too long now. I need to sleep. 
Good night, everbody and (since it is already Friday here) I wish you a HAPPY FRIDAY!

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