032 Fighting Anorexia – Exercise

by Anne-Sophie

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In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about a topic that is extremely important in eating disorder recovery: exercise. Overexercising is very common when you have an eating disorder and it can destroy your body and your life.

I share with you my story of overexercising and give you tips and tricks of how to stop this addiction.

Even when you are in recovery, exercise is a constant subject and needs to be handled carefully. You should ask yourself if you only exercise because you want to burn calories or because you actually like it.

Why don´t you replace your destructive forms of working out with dancing or yoga? In recovery you can learn to have fun while working out again by finding a balance and by doing only what you truly enjoy.

Exercise is not a means to lose weight, you have to change your mindset slowly. It is a way of improving your life, but only if you do it moderately.

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Birke July 16, 2012 at 5:08 pm

There was one idea you mentioned that sounds so simple but really struck me: If you can’t work out, then focus on what you’re doing at the moment and ENJOY the situation. Don’t focus on what you CAN’T do (i.e. exercising) but on what you ARE doing. This is such a precious advice! Even spontaneously, I can think of a DOZEN of examples in which I didn’t enjoy the situation I was in, regardless of how wonderful (for example my brother’s wedding), only because I was constantly thinking about the food served and that I couldn’t exercise throughout the day. Which each time drove me crazy. Isn’t this awful? You miss out thousands of precious moments only because you’re thinking about exercising (and food)… So thank you so much for your advice!!!

P.S.: Catching up with your podcasts… 😉


Anne-Sophie July 18, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Hi Birke,

It sounds like such simple advice, but it is hard to follow, isn`t it? Oh, how much I know those situations where you wish you could be in the moment and just aren`t because all you keep thinking about is food.

I haven`t been working out AT ALL in 3 weeks and I have to admit that despite my dancing, I hardly miss it at all.

I am enjoying my summer and I know I will eventually go back to my workouts but I am not putting any pressure on myself.

I love how active you are in taking all the messages in and really thinking about them and I hope you can implement them very, very soon.

Thank you SO much for commenting, Birke. I hope you know it means the world to me.

One more thing: Don`t beat yourself up because your anorexia was so loud on your brother`s wedding or on other days when you wanted to be in the moment. It gets better, but anorexia is a beast that does not give up easily (as you know way too well…).
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