Cooking to Fight Anorexia II

by Anne-Sophie

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My husband LOVES meat, all kinds of meat and every day in huge amounts. Through him, I have come to love a good steak or lamb. Since the day we met up with my wonderful friend Alison in Munich, where he ate half a goose, he talked about cooking a goose for us.

Yet, I was not ready. Cooking something so (to my eyes) massive was threatening to a level I could not yet cope with. I was scared that if I ate something that I wouldn’t eat every day, I’d binge.

However, it has been almost 2 months since that day and I have grown so much in this time. I have started to integrate more and more items from my BLACK LIST and have been able to vary my meals in a way I have never done it before. Last Saturday was a particular good day for me. I was in a fabulous mood and just felt GREAT. So, I had the glorious idea of cooking a goose. My husband, who was more than delighted, went out to find all the ingredients for our feast. In the end, he brought home a duck and we had the best time preparing it and waiting for it to be done.

All I can say is that it was DELICIOUS. I even took seconds and it was OK. This is a new freedom that fills me with so much joy and love for life that I have never felt before. I am so very happy with the results that I am starting to see and I realize more and more that every single day I fight against my eating disorder is worth it.

Keep Fighting!

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