From darkness to light: My Recovery Anniversary

March 23, 2012

I am pacing back and force in our apartment, phone in had, waiting for the doctor to pick up. When he finally does, I beg, plead, cry wanting to have one more day at home, one more day of pretending I didn’t have to make a change. One more day of living with my anorexia, […]

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You are more than your Eating Disorder

March 22, 2012

I am currently reading Healing your Hungry Heart by Joanna Poppink and it has some really valuable and eye-opening passages in there. One thing that I found especially important to mention is the fact that, whatever eating disorder you have, your worth as a person does not depend on it. She goes on to explain […]

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A Girl Called Tim – The Story of a True Heroine

March 20, 2012

When my husband and I traveled to Australia last year, I reached out to my network of Australia friends and fellow eating disorder advocates in order to meet up. June Alexander was one of those who quickly said she’d love to chat and meet for a Long Black. In order to prepare for the meeting, […]

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Your Eating Disorder is to Blame, not You!

March 14, 2012

When you are in the midst of the war against your body, you often forget your true identity. As I have written before, eating disorders are vicious and tricky and they tend to take up your entire self. They make you believe that their thoughts, words and actions are yours and they are very, very […]

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Ever felt misunderstood? Share your experience in ED says U said

March 9, 2012

This new book will explain The Language of Eating Disorders Co-authors: June Alexander and Cate Sangster Jessica Kingsley Publishers (UK). Release: Early 2013 Eating disorders are about much more than food. Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder invade every aspect of a person’s thinking, sense of self, behavior and relationships. The impact goes beyond the […]

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How to Deal with other’s Expectations in Recovery

March 7, 2012

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed in the last few weeks. I have taken on a lot of work, have been blogging more than ever, trying to keep my inbox as clean as possible and preparing for a speech that I will have to give tomorrow. All of this has resulted in some sleepless nights, feelings of […]

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12 Views on Recovery that you should read today

February 29, 2012

The month of February was all about Pro Recovery for me and 11 other bloggers in the eating disorder and body image field. We made it our mission to spread motivational messages, hope and compelling reasons for taking on the hard struggle of recovery all over the web. The turnout has been more than great […]

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Listen to yourself

February 24, 2012

This week, I made a major mistake. Well, it wasn’t really only this week, but the entire process started a few months ago. You see, when I was fired by Starbucks in September because of my bike accident, they told me that they would always be happy to employ me again. My boss had been […]

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Pro Recovery Quotes and Mantras

February 20, 2012

In order to kick off the Eating Disorder Awareness Week and to build on more pillar for our recovery project, I asked for recovery quotes and personal mantras on twitter and on my email list. We all need a splash of positivity, some sympathy and a lot of motivation in our daily struggle and I […]

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A homage to recovery

February 15, 2012

Why should you even care to recover? When the first thoughts of recovery started to occupy my mind back in late fall 2010, this questions was constantly going through my head. I still saw the life I led as too good to give up. Why should I throw everything away, leave my husband for months […]

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Your body does not have to be your enemy

February 9, 2012

Living with a body that you cannot tolerate is miserable. I know what I am talking about. For most of my life, I went through my days hating my body. I constantly thought about its weaknesses, dwelling on the fact that I wanted to look like this girl in school or that girl in dancing […]

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Pro Recovery Project

February 1, 2012

Recovery is hard and sometimes, when every day is painful, we can lose sight of why we are even trying to get out of this vicious circle. Giving in often seems easier than continuing to walk on the path towards a free life. Sometimes we need someone who can open our eyes to the beauty […]

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