A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

May 8, 2012

* *I am participating in the first ever Hungry For Change Blogger Challenge. Throughout the entire month of May, I’ll write one post a day all about the topic of eating disorders. Can’t get enough? Here’s more:Don’t forget to browse the archives!

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Doctor Doctor

May 6, 2012

What do we need from our doctors when anorexia or any other eating disorder is threatening our health and possibly our lives? This topic is a difficult one for me. Why? Well, the medical professional who should have looked after me was my father and he neglected to help me the entire time. Thinking about […]

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Body Appreciation Day

May 5, 2012

Since today is body appreciation day, I dug up an old blog post of mine that I wrote on Thanksgiving last year. Here’s what I had to say: In the last 14 years, I spent an uncountable amount of hours staring at myself in the mirror, looking for imaginary fat or checking if one could see any […]

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Anorexia and Recovery Slogans

May 4, 2012

Anorexia destroys. It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t heal you. It doesn’t make anything better. It only destroys. It hurts. It finds its way into your life and holds you imprisoned, making you believe all kinds of lies and misrepresentations. It destroys your body, your relationships, your health and your life. There is nothing, nothing, good […]

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My Recovery Mascot

May 3, 2012

* I love the idea of creating your own recovery mascot. I thought long about what would represent my way to health for me. Would it be human or an animal? Real or fictional? What would it stand for exactly? Then one thought popped into my head: our inner child. I have come to understand […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Fight For/ Stay Recovered

May 2, 2012

* 1. I want to have children. If I don’t eat enough, I don’t have my menstrual cycle and therefor I won’t be able to have children. I have always dreamed of being a mom and this was my number one reason for wanting to recover. 2. Life is too precious. Now that I have […]

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I am writing about eating disorders because …

May 1, 2012

* … I’d like to show those who are still suffering that recovery is possible, that there is hope even on the darkest days. Since I started my journey of recovery about a year ago, I have learned a lot about eating disorders and myself and I believe that I can help others even if […]

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Hope Interview Series Part II with Arielle Lee Bair

April 11, 2012

Every week, I feature an inspiring person who has struggled with anorexia at one point in his or her life and has recovered. I am all about spreading the message of hope because this is something we so often lack. When we’re in such a deep relationship with our eating disorder and these sick thoughts […]

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A Tale Of Easters Past

April 7, 2012

My eyes are wide open. My thoughts are running in circles. I lay in bed anticipating this day. It’s Easter Sunday. A day where I would allow myself to eat. But not just that. I would eat everything, all day long, no big breaks in between. I’d have a huge breakfast, chocolate Easter eggs all […]

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