Attitude Makeover

by Anne-Sophie

in Motivation

Life with an eating disorder is frustrating, hopeless, irritating and full of fear. I never felt optimistic about anything. School scared the heck out of me. Graduation seemed terrifying. Youth was there for adults to humiliate you. Life seemed to be about suffering, worries and constant sadness.

That was my attitude. Those were the effects of what anorexia told me and made me see.

Now I am living each day with an excitement that I had never experienced before. I am up before dawn and work on projects that I am extremely passionate about (an empowering email Newsletter, a book called “Diet for the recovering anorexic”, a Body Image Revolution Class, a book about the benefits of social media on recovery and my lessons of one year of recovery). I can hardly keep up with myself, but I now know that life is incredible. It’s fun. It’s full of possibilities, opportunities and everybody has the power to make a dent in the universe if only we fight hard enough.

Whatever it is your eating disorder is telling you about life. However depressed you feel. Make a leap of faith and just image what life could really look like.

So, here is my question for you tonight:

Think about what you feel pessimistic about, frustrated about or are struggling with, either
now or at some point in the past. What were/are those issues? What stops/stopped you
from making changes? What do you need/ did you need to confront those issues? Can you

make plans to take steps to change? If you have done this, were you able to make
changes? What challenges can you set yourself for the future? (Remember to make them
realistic and achievable!)

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts (I may even turn them into either a podcast, blog post or a video one day!).


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