Anorexia Is NOT Logical

by Anne-Sophie

in Reflection

Logical: following or able to follow the rules of logic in which ideas or facts are based on other true ideas or facts.

There are many “facts” your anorexia is telling you throughout its lifetime.

The fact that you are unworthy of love. The fact that you are fat even if you’re close to death. The fact that you are ugly. The fact that you are worthless. The fact that you are superior than others when not eating.

The fact that your life can only be controlled if you continue to restrict. The fact that once you start to eat more, you won’t be able to stop.

And so on and so forth.

Yet, none of those ideas are logical.

But we believe anorexia, don’t we? We believe every single thing this freak is ever telling us without even thinking of questioning it. We don’t wonder whether we could be lovable, no matter our weight.

We don’t doubt the lie that we don’t deserve to live fully. We don’t get suspicious and think that we are just as beautiful and perfect as everybody else. We don’t challenge the concept that we can’t trust our body and that it is going to betray us at the very first chance it gets.

No, we go along, easily being duped by anorexia and letting it win over and over again, no matter how illogical its messages are.

Enough already.

It’s time for your healthy part of the mind to take over again and start thinking logically, start raising questions and doubts. You need logic in order to recover, you need it just as much as you need faith and belief in yourself.

Sounds, well, logical, right? Hmmm, yes, but how is this going to help us?

The more you rely on logic, the more you will be able to talk back to your anorexia.

Anorexia is inherently illogical and every argument it throws your way can be dismissed by using logic and common-sense.

Take a step back and observe the thoughts anorexia makes you think. Try to be as objective as possible, maybe even ask a friend or confidant, when taking apart each and every single thought, action and habit.

Do that exercise over and over again and nurture the healthy part of your brain.

You will soon see that anorexia doesn’t stand a chance against reason and logic.

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