by Anne-Sophie


Fighting Anorexia is a blog dedicated to everybody (not just eating disorder sufferers) who longs for a free, healthy and purposeful life.

I write about learning to love yourself and your body, about finding your voice and sharing it with others. I empower you to change your thoughts and your attitude and I share with you the many lessons I learn on my path towards a fulfilled life.

Additionally, the goal of this blog is it to spread the news about the dark side of the slimming craze: the suffering, the loneliness, the deceptions, the heartache, the weakness, the mental terror and the deteriorating health. Fighting Anorexia wants to provide a platform where anybody struggling with an eating disorder and poor body image feels save to have his voice heard and feels understood and never judged.

About Anne-Sophie:

Standing on the brink of death, having struggled with anorexia for 14 years, Anne-Sophie has finally been able to break the cycle of eating, not eating, exercising and abusing laxatives in the spring of 2011. After a 3-month long stay at a sanatorium that resulted in almost no weight-gain, Anne-Sophie has been able to reach a healthy weight and is slowly finding her way to health and a better life. It is a difficult journey, one that will last years, but Anne-Sophie is determined, as determined as she was when she started her first diet, and she will be the winner of this fight against her own body.

During her time at the sanatorium, Anne-Sophie started her first blog called My Intercontinental Life, which was then followed by Fighting Anorexia, the blog that she had been dreaming of doing for years.

Anne-Sophie’s story is only one of millions. This blog is her attempt to do something against this horrible disease.

What others say about Fighting Anorexia:

Jo Kay: I think the way I feel helped by Anne-Sophie, is just seeing and hearing how courageous she is being…I find some people’s experiences make me feel cynical as they can make their process of recovery utterly remarkable and with no blips, which I don’t feel is realistic.  Anne-Sophie is real, honest, so open and I find it refreshing.  She is very relatable and it does help me to not feel so weird (lol) and alone.  She exudes compassion and warmth, and she speaks very well, which makes her podcasts easy to listen to.

Luise Karg McCaffrey: The Fighting Anorexia website and podcast has given me a brand new perspective and insight into this epidemic. I am thankful for Anne’s courage and although she claims she is shy, she is a giant inside by fighting back. Her podcast is a mixture of professionalism, lots of research and her own real life experiences. Her sweet voice and determination is a life safer in so many prospects. Let me tell you… she is REAL. That’s why I keep logging in, and keep on listening. If you suffer from this horrific debilitating disease, please watch and participate by leaving a comment or feedback. You might just save a life by leaving a comment!”


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Valerie Traeder September 30, 2011 at 12:05 pm

…and you are a very strong and courageous young woman!


admin September 30, 2011 at 12:07 pm

awe, thank you so very much! That made me tear up.


Luise McCaffrey November 3, 2011 at 12:43 am

Dear Sophie,
all I can say is, that all of us that are living with an eating disorder could have written this story. I am in recovery for all of my life and have good and bad days. The problem with an eating disorder is, that you need food to live. Its readily available and whats a normal event in somebodies life to sit down and eat, it is a drug for us.
I have given most of my life efforts into controlling my food intake, instead of living my life. I now deliberately choose to live and enjoy my life, rather than living any longer in this prison of addiction. My past has been a horrific one and was very abusive and changed me forever. When I was twenty seven I got assaulted by my boyfriend and spent alsmot two years in the hospital due to the injuries, I deal with my fear of abandonment, and fear of not being loved with food.
I am mostly fine, but the feeling inside requires daily affirmations. God and prayer along with many years of counseling really healed me. When I say that I am mostly fine. That really means that I am normal, just like anybody else. Its the perfection seeking that makes and keep us in the web of the disorder.
If you’re suffering with this, please write, talk to somebody let your family and friends now. Everything will help

“Why, when God’s world is so big, Did you fall asleep in a prison Of all places?” Rumi


anneso87 November 5, 2011 at 5:30 am

I remember my roommate at the sanatorium telling me that when you are an alcoholic, you are not confronted with your drug as much as you are when you have an ED. Like you said, we HAVE to confront ourselves with this disease many times a day and it is critical every single time.
I am deeply saddened to hear what you had to go through, my dear friend. However, I see that you are using your experience for good and nothing speaks more volume than you sharing your story to HELP.
Yes, I share your strive for perfection, but I am trying not to let it affect me too much. I often block myself from many great experiences and accomplishments because I just do not believe in myself. And I am beginning to change that.
Thank you for sharing your story and providing us with hope that things can get better, even if they will never be perfect.
And I strongly believe that we can fight better if we do not fight alone!


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