058 Fighting Anorexia – Competition in Recovery

by Anne-Sophie

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In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about the positive and negative aspects of competition in recovery.

We are all competitive. It is a characteristic trait that we have deep within us. Some have it more than others, but we all have it.

Competing with others in recovery can be a motivating factor and a very, very unhealthy and destructive element on your way to health.

The positive aspects of having a role model or competitor are apparent at first glance: it motivates you, it inspires you, it shows you that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Knowing that others have gone through the same dark period as you are going through right now and have made it out of that pit stronger and healthier provides you with the much needed confidence that you too can come to that place of freedom.

Therefor, competing with those who have recovered successfully is an important part of recovery. You can compete with them to come to that place of health too and never ever leave it again, just like they are doing.

The negative aspects of competition are plenty as well: if you choose the wrong competitor, you can end up sicker and more eating disordered than before.

If you choose a recovering person as your role model who is not stable yet and he or she stumbles, you too tend to stumble and walk right back into eating disordered behavior.

If you choose someone as your role model whom you believe is healthy and has a normal mindset when it comes to food (but your inner realistic voice is telling you otherwise), you can worsen your anorexic behavior or never recover fully.

I know that you are extremely intelligent and smart and that you know whom to choose as your role model and competitor.

Choose wisely and you have built one more important pillar of your recovery.

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