037 Fighting Anorexia – 21 Eating Disordered Sentences You Should Eliminate From Your Vocabulary

by Anne-Sophie

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In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I share with you 21 sentences that you should stop saying forever. These sentences only hurt your self-esteem and are mostly simply wrong. The less you think and talk in those terms, the more you will strengthen your chances of full recovery.

1. I am my eating disorder.

2. I am fat.

3. I am not … enough.

4. My recovery needs to be perfect.

5. I have to always be strong.

6. Having a healthy weight is not acceptable for me.

7. Being skinny is the only acceptable way to live in this society.

8. I can only be successful if I am skinny.

9. People will judge me if I gain weight.

10. People will abandon me if I have a healthy weight.

11. Life without my eating o is not possible for me.

12. Others can do it, but I certainly can’t.

13. If only I could stand the feeling of having a bigger belly.

14. I will never get used to a healthy body.

15. I will not be attractive anymore if I gain weight.

16. I will lose control over myself if I let go of counting calories, restricting, purging and working out.

17. Once I start to eat, I cannot stop.

18. I don’t have any other talents than losing weight.

19. Life is not worth living.

20. I don’t deserve to be happy and healthy and enjoy life.

21. I need to lose a few pounds.

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