037 Fighting Anorexia – 21 Eating Disordered Sentences You Should Eliminate From Your Vocabulary

by Anne-Sophie

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In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I share with you 21 sentences that you should stop saying forever. These sentences only hurt your self-esteem and are mostly simply wrong. The less you think and talk in those terms, the more you will strengthen your chances of full recovery.

1. I am my eating disorder.

2. I am fat.

3. I am not … enough.

4. My recovery needs to be perfect.

5. I have to always be strong.

6. Having a healthy weight is not acceptable for me.

7. Being skinny is the only acceptable way to live in this society.

8. I can only be successful if I am skinny.

9. People will judge me if I gain weight.

10. People will abandon me if I have a healthy weight.

11. Life without my eating o is not possible for me.

12. Others can do it, but I certainly can’t.

13. If only I could stand the feeling of having a bigger belly.

14. I will never get used to a healthy body.

15. I will not be attractive anymore if I gain weight.

16. I will lose control over myself if I let go of counting calories, restricting, purging and working out.

17. Once I start to eat, I cannot stop.

18. I don’t have any other talents than losing weight.

19. Life is not worth living.

20. I don’t deserve to be happy and healthy and enjoy life.

21. I need to lose a few pounds.

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Susan Bewley May 14, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Reading this, I have to admit, I am a bit embarrassed. Even after being ‘recovered’ for for nearly eight years now from my own eating disorder, some of these words sneak their way into my life. Especially…

“Being skinny is the only acceptable way to live in this society.”
“I am Fat.”

“I am not..enough”

There is one other I would add…

“I don’t deserve…”

My husband wishes he could take that phrase completely out. I found the hardest part when I made that decision to change was looking myself in the mirror and realizing I am a person, I am someone who deserves to be loved by ME.
Susan Bewley recently posted..Shopping List for Healthy EatingMy Profile


Anne-Sophie May 15, 2012 at 3:27 am

Hi Susan,

thanks so much for the comment. First of all, yay for being recovered for 8 years. That’s incredible! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The culture we live in shouts these stupid phrases out loud all the time. It’s like we’re being brainwashed and I think it’s completely human to soak these messages up even if it is on a subconscious level.

I so know the feeling of I don’t deserve. I think this is one we all have in common. But you do deserve, you absolutely do. Repeat it to yourself over and over and over again in order to make you believe a bit more.



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