030 Fighting Anorexia – The Importance of a good Support System

by Anne-Sophie

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In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about  the importance of a good support system.

Why do you need a support system?
You simply cannot do it alone, especially if you are deeply engaged in your eating disorder behaviors and your mind is still playing tricks with you.

What is a support system?
A support system is more than one person. It’s a whole system of people, activities, classes, therapists, counselors, social workers etc. who support your eating disorder recovery.
A support system gives you structure, hold you accountable, gives you a place to get healthy and a space you need in order to grow as a person. A support system does not let you engage in your eating disorder behaviors, nor does it let you to continue to go through life with your distorted view of reality.

Who should not be part of your support system?
Take a good look at your friends and family, are they triggering a bad body image or enable your eating disorder habits? Are they constantly talking about their weight or new diets they need to try?
Can you stop seeing these people?
Maybe you can start a conversation with them and ask them to stop their behavior?

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